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How to get to become an expert on pay per click and dominate Google Adwords? If they have decided to venturing into the world of paid search, known in the field of marketing online as paid search advertising, insurance will be considering using the popular tool Google Adwords. All that we have a good idea of how the marketing and business know that any model of acquisition of customers or Internet sales are based on a simple mathematical operation. If they invest a certain amount of money they will attract x number of visits or potential customers, of which a percentage will buy or generate a conversion. Digital Cameras shines more light on the discussion. In Google adwords the methodology is the same: how much can allocate the gain of each transaction or product sold to your advertising? If I have a product or service which costs $ 100 and left me $50 for gain, that mean that I can spend up to $ 50 in advertising without losing money. If you have this amount then now ask yourself How many visits needed to generate each transaction? Let’s say that your website generates a transaction or sale for every 100 visits. Now simply divide the money destined for the advertising of each sale or transaction between the number of visits needed to achieve a sale or transaction.

We divide $ 50 between 100 visits, we have 50 cents. This simple formula will give them the result known as the allowable cost per visit, this number is equivalent to how much can pay per click from AdWords. If you pay most of this amount per visit, ended up losing money instead of earning it. After determining how much to pay, they must find all the possible keywords that your customers can use to find them. Grouping words according to their similarity and be sure that the pages where land visits have content relevant to the keywords you are using (Google now applies these rules for adwords). It is also advisable to try using multiple ads to see which generates more conversions. Finally, most importantly an adwords campaign is always evaluating the results. Eliminate words that do not occur, readjust their budgets, to improve the content of the landing pages; all this will improve conversion Cup. The descriptions of the ads should also be optimized to increase the CTR (the percentage of click by glimpses) that if it becomes higher than your competition, save you money per click. I hope that this brief article has given you a basic idea of what really matters in Google Adwords and what should be found before committing a budget that may not produce what you were expecting.