Cranberry Cottage

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Country Cottage

Every year more and more Tyumentsev seek to live out of town in cottages, in their own homes rather than apartments. Indeed, experience shows that not everyone can boast of spacious apartments, and live in constant distress, to Unfortunately, few attractive. Clean air and a great environment creates ideal conditions for recreation and leisure, especially for those who spend long hours at work in a noisy and polluted city of Tyumen. Unique, imbued with the aroma of forest creates a unique air revitalizing effect, moreover, the cottage – it's a real house, where you can live all year round with the same high level of comfort. Buy house more often want families with young children. This is a reasonable step that is doubly justified because raising children in a cottage means to ensure their health and safety. Also, do not forget the fact that on its own site land can bring all their dreams come true: to dig a pond with goldfish, planting a garden or greenhouse to plant your favorite flowers. Everything depends only on the area of the site, opportunities, and your imagination.

Construction of cottages often tantamount to buying an apartment in the city of Tyumen. Besides, if there is a cottage, then there is always more advantages: no one will spoil holiday and will not disturb sleep, the neighbors do not flood, and you hear how they celebrate holidays, and children will be where play. And the prestige of living in a cottage at Tyumen still has not been canceled. Country cottage for Tyumen should be considered as a profitable investment, experience shows that every year the price of suburban real estate increase. Often, instead of putting money in the bank, many prefer to buy inexpensive land. Inexpensive – it is today. Tomorrow the cost of your purchase is likely to increase significantly.