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Correct Pads

A good indicator of proper operation of all mechanisms bike is quiet their work. And despite the fact that, as a rule, when the work comes in contact with parts made from different metals or materials. If the background noise still there, do not try to fix them by tightening mechanism – most likely you just fall through the thread. Now for the brakes. If you have worn rubberized brake Pads per milliliter from the outside, it's likely the rim during braking will not fasten as well as qualitatively with the new pads. As the latest deterioration until complete wear them should lead to the so-called state parallel to the pad and the rim. Substitution of the new pads should solve this problem completely, however, attention should be paid and the rim of the surface.

And finally, after you've seen that bike in all right – look for wear on those components. To fix the mounting saddle to greatly tighten the bolts, otherwise it can bring you the most inopportune moment. 2. Should be given attention to wear the chain. In order to determine enough to take up chain link in the place where it is located on the big chain pinion.

If a link is raised at fixed neighboring links, the chain must change a new one. Indicator of chain wear and gear tooth is a fuzzy, noisy gear change. 3. If when driving hear background noise, and after the cessation of pedaling, he disappears, then a possible cause is poorly adjusted rear gearbox. Try easing tension or by rope to move the switch circuit in the correct position. 4. In order to prevent decay chains with gears in the extreme positions of the switch should be set using a specially provided for this purpose bolts such a position that would not be exposed to the excluded. If this can not be achieved, then a possible cause may be too long chain. However, to shorten the chain by removing links can be up to those limits, which may still free to switch to larger front and rear gears. 5. Tire wheels should look good is not only from a distance, but with careful examination. If the tire does not look new, it is recommended that it go down and carefully inspect for cracks and cuts. 6. When driving a bicycle shall make no extraneous sounds. Sound source can be unlubricated chain, not zakontrennye bolts and nuts – before departure to check their condition. 7. Bad brakes may spoil the brake pads. Must have good, reliable brakes. Cause of poor braking may also be the mud. and grease that gets on the rim. Rim should also be able to serve – for example, wipe them with alcohol or wash regularly with warm soapy water. 8. Symptom of poor performance of the brakes can be a whistle and an uneven grasp of when braking, the reason may be the unparalleled position of the pad on the rim. It is well adjust the brake pads when the front edge of the pad on a millimeter closer to the rim than the rear. 9. Cause of poor braking can be and poorly adjusted steering column. Place the hands on the steering column, and then press the front brake. If you experience any or movement in the steering column, it should be adjusted. 10. Pay attention to the work the pedals. Cause malfunctioning pedals can be bent axle or hauling cones or lack of lubrication.