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Company led by Bruno Figueras

Another of the biggest ERE this year has been dominated by Habitat. The company led by Bruno Figueras has not come to be required to make an arrangement with creditors, but one of the conditions imposed by banks to renegotiate its debt of 1,586 million was to eliminate structural costs. The Catalan company fired 50% of its workforce.
In the same case, was found the quoted Aisa. The company continues renegotiating a debt of 210 million euros. In exchange, real estate has announced that dispensed with some of its 130 employees.

For the ERE submitted by Llanera and Habitat, we have to add contests creditor groups as the Andalusian Jale (one of whose subsidiaries is in bankruptcy) and Catalan Sanchez. Detinsa addressed its financial situation with a deep reform of the business plan, which has enabled it to avoid the contest. The promoter renegotiated its loans and raised an ERE to 154 people.

Affected derivatives:
The collapse of the real estate sector has also affected companies engaged in brokering. However, as explained from Comfia (CCO), “most companies have chosen to lose its template with significantly lower incentive, so that ERE have not been abundant.” An example of this phenomenon is Fincas Corral (acquired ten days ago by the investor Xicola Jose), which has not submitted the dossier to reduce its workforce, but has gone from a thousand to 385 employees at present.