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In this article we will make the central finding of a fuel injector of a single point. The first thing we will do setear the meter in the range of 200 ohms, measure the resistance torque of the nozzle, then connecting the connectors on the tester to the poles of the injector plug, regardless of polarity, ie, every meter cable connects indifferently each injector plug contact. The injector should we throw an ohmic resistance in the range of 2-3 ohms, if your measurement given in this range indicates that the electrical resistance of the injector is expected (in this case and only as a test try to reverse the poles of tester and you will see that the value will be the same, because, as we mentioned polarity has no effect on this measure). If, however, to test the injector shows the value of one means that the injector has damaged its electrical system since the value 1 means infinite resistance, in other words no continuity due to a short in the injector coil. Faced with a failure like this last should replace the injector, that's what the cap is removed from the base of the injector body, and then we get the screw securing the nozzle holder. After removing this screw proceed to remove the hairpin that holds the nozzle. Finally exert on the injector some strength to turn down while, so we managed to remove the injector.

To fit the new injector will proceed in reverse and repair will be completed. Cleaning nozzles Some errors present in the nozzles are due to carbon deposits in the nozzle, ie at the point where the jet stream out of fuel. These deposits can block the hole by varying the flow of this jet and causing system failure. To clean the injector on the market find cleaning equipment, based on ultrasound, which achieve a very effective cleaning thanks to the bubbles produced by ultrasound in the liquid CLEANING they use. The form of use of these devices is quite simple, just put the liquid CLEANING recommended by the manufacturer on the container of making sure that it is level with the mark that there is recorded in the container.

Then, the injector cleaning removable tray using the hole that best fits the diameter of the nozzle and nozzle tip downward (ie, placing the tray it is submerged in the liquid CLEANING) then placed the tray and adjust the timer of a cleaning device 10 or 20 minutes, may increase the cleaning time by up to 1 hour if we are dealing with extremely dirty injectors and even make use of the heating section (if it had) to increase the effectiveness cleaning. As recommendation Never use volatile for use as cleaning fluid, for example tinner or similar should not be used. If you do not possess an ultrasonic cleaning machine and decide to buy one you recommend buying the model as shown above examples that come with a switch signal to connect to the nozzle during cleaning. This type of model is usually a bit more expensive but require the injector to open and close the nozzle through the received pulse and the cleaning liquid can penetrate to the inside of the nozzle is achieved with a thorough cleaning. As a last note do not forget to change the rubber edges after removing the nozzle and use some sealant product.