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Christian Barbosa

The software market is, depending on the own claim different products ready. Whether now program is appropriate 1, 2 or 3 for themselves, an artisan based on his subjective conditions for themselves to judge. It is me in this article to show that a professional craftsman software helps the artisans to remove certain activities and can better concentrate on his more important business activities. It is namely like to forget that avoid squandered time and loss of business is just as important as made revenue itself. The main difference from “normal” Office solutions and a professional order management is what these products contain by default. The heart of an order management is the central database, which is completely missing in Office programs. Here there are all individual documents and list in table form.

Tabular lists, the fact that in the course of time very easily multiple or outdated records creep arises in addition. Numerous interfaces to all relevant Are in the program package of includes an order management systems (E.g. accounting program). The reason why some craftsmen who struggles with Word & co., is the purchase price. Therefore prefer some craftsmen still Word & co. For more complex programs, then often the staff are to instruct. Some craftsmen consider but not the day-to-day temporal and quantitative effort that is immensely higher in Office programs. Total man saves extremely more indefinitely, as you must pay extra at the beginning.

All costs must be included in an annual financial assessment, not only the purchase price. All documents must be generated manually in Word & co., checked and stored. It occur hundreds of documents (which are much more numerous in the course of time); There is always time consuming and complex. There are no ready-made larger functions or processes in Word & co.; as well all documents are manually to create and validate. The enormous advantage of professional craftsman software is that any information and documents will be stored automatically centrally. So, for example, the history with all documents of a customer with only one click is available. Invoices are quite simply offers. For example, self-employed, the system generates reminders (with appropriate payment surcharges), if a customer has not paid its Bill. Creating partial invoices? Set the payments? No problem for a professional craftsman software. Basically, a high quality artisan program is much less prone to errors, because many steps, such as the transfer of data from document X to document Y, will be carried out manually. The company, which sells the order management software, dealing with it, that legal changes are mapped; also on the whole she continuously optimizes your software. If several employees on the documents parallel access, is not recommended by Word and the like. It can easily to unintended changes because in contrast to the order management, no rights management is integrated. Although a professional craftsman software permanently brings more than it costs, avoid many craftsmen unfortunately time and effort for the facility, and torment down still with blunt axe. Christian Barbosa