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Child Temperament And Character

Between the first and third years of life is intense development of his behavior and habits. Advances in psychomotor development encourage him to apply to more complex active operations, and the main features begins to develop his character and temperament. More clearly manifested first outlines of the individual. Stage of this development is very important to know the parents. Even if the child is crying or angry, we can not go at his bidding. It should have sufficient freedom to develop the FREE personality – but within the boundaries assigned to it. This means that it is impossible to indulge all his caprices, but do not strongly impair it.

Educate – so establish certain limits and to explain it to the child. We demand that our children obedience, and this notion we sometimes associate with the wrong punishment. Obedience – the knowledge and implementation of acceptable standards of behavior in within certain limits. The result is easier to achieve by his own example, than any kind of suggestions and punishment. Refusal to eat is not rare is the means to test parental patience. If the child does not want is, do not force it and do not scold, but do not offer him another dish. If he is hungry, make sure you eat. No, no and no again! Children get used to the fact that by crying and screaming can get anything you want.

If attention of senior screaming and crying. At the age of 18 months and three years of a child are often looking for an excuse for confrontation. He discovered the word "no" and sense of self is particularly important when denying anything. In addition, it now developing a whole strategic plans to attract the attention of parents. These include scenes of screaming and crying, which aim to elicit something from their parents. That such behavior is not stuck, to indulge him impossible.