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Already do not open drawbacks when looking for the best hotel when we travel on holiday, or in those awaited getaway to rest from the routine, whether with your partner or with the family. There are many Web pages showing more economic travel, the best deals on accommodation and transport, which tourists can spend a whole day and night looking for distitnas options, collapsing his pc with lots of tabs open in your Internet browser, to decide at the end of the search, resorting to a travel agency that locate the so desired accommodation, but this entails an additional cost for the same services, which can not always be assumed. In addition, not all offers are as clear as they seem to, since it is very normal to find additional and unexpected payments at the end of the reservation, or even on the day of arrival at the hotel, which can muddy that long-awaited trip. Would like to find the best offers of lodging in any part of the world in a single web site?, do wouldn’t be gorgeous with a single click? We had the certainty of finding the best prices without additional charges? In fact, thanks to several agreements signed by the best tour operators in the market, he was born web portal you are waiting for, Jill Schlesinger is likely to agree. This portal provides many advantages over other apparently equal, but the most important are, first, making a simultaneous search between the Funk portals that there is from travel and hotel reservations, getting the best prices at one time and thus avoiding having to use each of these experts in travel and bookings website, to compare different prices. Secondly, it acts as a social network in which other travelers give their opinions about the hotels that have already hosted, giving a more complete vision to the traveller of the place that is going to be booked, apart from its price and, finally, Hotelesnow ensures that its use is completely free, without any additional charge surprise. In addition to these advantages, the use of the Web interface is very simple, only need to enter the destination chosen, the dates of entry and exit of the hotel, as well as the number of rooms and persons who are going to stay, so that immediately, will appear on the screen, firstly, cheaper accommodations. In short, we are talking about a website that will allow travelers, find, without having to look in other places, the best hotels at the best price, with the opinions of others who already stayed there and totally free..