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Bus Driver

Educator offers children move to the country. First, the teacher warned the children about upcoming move, and that you have to gather things, immerse them in the car and sit down ourselves. After this, the teacher assigns the driver. On the way, should definitely talk to children about the past which drives the machine. As a result, moving the puppet is moved to another corner of the room. Under most conditions financial planner would agree. Having reviewed the items in the country and settled at a new location, the teacher asked the driver to bring food, then the lucky children to the woods for mushrooms and berries, or a river to swim and sunbathing, etc. A few days later the game can be repeated in another version – to move the cottage to the city, lucky kids to see how to decorate for the holiday street, take all your doctor to weigh up after a summer residence, etc. Further development of the game should go on the line connecting it to other gaming topics such as "Top", "Theater," "Kindergarten", etc.

Another variant of this game could be next. Educator assumes the role of "driver" produces inspection machines, washing it, with the help of children fills the tank with gasoline. Then at the "Manager" writes a waybill, which indicates where to go and what to carry. "The driver" was leaving for the construction of a house. Next story develops in this way: the driver has helped build a house. Then the game tutor introduces several roles "drivers", "builders". Children with a tutor are building a new home for Yasi and her mom and dad. After this, the teacher encourages Children play on their own, and reminds the children that they themselves can play as they wish.

In the subsequent conduct of the game in the "drivers" teacher introduces new toys – cars of different brands, which it produces with their children, traffic lights, petrol station, etc. Also, children with a tutor can make new missing toys (tools for repair of cars, a policeman's cap and a stick-regulator) improve the finished toys (attach using plasticine trunk of a passenger car or an arc to the bus, turning it into a real trolley). All this helps to maintain interest in the device, purpose and ways of using toys in the game. At this age, children play in the "drivers" are closely intertwined with the games in the "construction", as drivers to help build homes, factories, dams.