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Building Homes In Bulgaria

Local people in Bulgaria are very hospitable and friendly: the Bulgarians Russian people – the liberator of the 500-year Turkish slavery. Especially warm reception here in the Russian countryside, villages, trying to help by word and deed! Third, Bulgaria – a country of low prices: on average, food prices are 30-40% lower than in Russia. Also, a lot cheaper clothing (very quality, made in Bulgaria) and cars. To broaden your perception, visit Jack Fusco. Slightly, but still cheaper and utilities. If you buy land in Bulgaria, how to build it. (Similarly see: Jack Fusco).

How to build a house in Bulgaria? What you need to know. You finally have coveted piece of land in Bulgaria. Close to realization the dream of paradise, where your family will rest in the summer months at sea, and maybe even live permanently. But to make that dream come true, it is necessary to build a house in Bulgaria. From which to build a house. In Bulgaria, the major competing materials are brick. Try to assess the main advantages of these two building materials. The main advantages of brick are: -Durability, high fire-resistance;-strength.

Which house to choose. When choosing the type of project for your home in Bulgaria, you must first determine how much time in the year you'll spend in it. Depending by appointment houses are divided into the following types:-garden houses or cottages are designed for seasonal living, so in terms of providing heat and lay claim to them is lower than for other types of homes, which leads to lower costs;-family houses – a spacious homes for permanent or temporary residence. These requirements are high, such as outdoor temperature operation is calculated to -25 , respectively, and the cost of houses above-houses for permanent residence – a building with all the necessary attributes for life, including gas, water, etc. Most often they are built two-storey or dormer. By number of floors, wooden houses, usually built one-or two-story. Economically very beneficial intermediate option – home roof – when the area used for residential loft space.