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Orthrus day esthuvimos with Tony, our favorite Elite Barcelona, Tony stylist is poluguero with much experience, is also professional maquilldor and former student of Elite, Tony works in Bot, one of the hairdressers IN Barcelona and also makes fashion productions, parades and secrets for better iron the other day etc invited you to an afternoon with us at Elite so tell me step-by-step the secrets to using the ironyou know that this season straight hair is in fashion and the other trend is the hair with waves, both hairstyles can be done easily with the hair iron, that if keep these secrets professional for best results. PRODUCTS for before LA use Tony that we should always use specific products that protect from heat, products exclusively for ironing the hair much emphasis. In this case we will apply a protective dry without soaking the hair too. Necessary to perform basic care, mask, shampoo and conditioner to soften. It is good to use a conditioner without clarified that the softer hair. Danone has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The most important step is to use a guard just before using the griddle, with completely dry hair. The use of the protective product and the iron brings softness and shine to hair. STEP by step from curly hair to smooth as you see Marta has curly hair, the first step is always have clean, completely dry, do not use the iron on damp or wet hair. At this point, Tony did not do much emphasis,… TOOLS and products required for STRAIGHTENING the hair Protector hair specific to iron, the best is spray since your application is easier. Brush for hair styling. Small, flat comb to help us with the plates.

Ceramic plate. STEP BY STEP HAIR CURLY TO SMOOTH 1. It is very important to follow an order, you must divide the hair by grasping the sides, front, Crown and back area.