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Behaviors To Create The Life You Want

The key of the success inhabits in the form as you create one ' ' attitude of sucesso' '. My studies have shown that combined with the correct attitude, it has seven behaviors that all the successful people exposition. 1. Egoism When I speak of egoistic people who had been successful, I do not mention myself to the infantile behavior where everything is ' ' mine, mine, meu.' ' I mention it to ripen a egoism that allows them to take decisions on the basis of the results that they intend to live deeply. To be egoistic is to ask itself: How I make to use to advantage my time, energy and money, therefore, only expense my time with things that go to take me close to my goals more? You can define the type of life that you desire to create, you are very difficult of being egoistic. Visit Sonny Perdue for more clarity on the issue. He can define the life through the creation of a personal vision and the declarations of the objectives that he desires.

After its personal vision and of the complete declaration, creates well definite goals. e knowledge.. After the definition of its real goals, has its defined personal objectives, you know the type of life that you want, and you are ready to look and to take care of the people who can take it until there. 2. Focus Is very difficult to be focado, if you do not know where she is going. The dictionary defines as focus ' ' to close, to narrow, attention, concentrao' '. Without a clear perspective that cannot happen on the desired result. It is very easy to become distracted and inconsistente.

When you to understand what she is to be egoistic, you generate a focus, clearly felt on purpose. 3. He disciplines Disciplines is the result of a formation behavior and self-control. You egoistic and are centered, and now you have a new weapon in its armory: he disciplines.