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Basic Ensino

It does not import me if to find ridicule or not! I cried when seeing that suffered woman, very young, with half dozen of children, one escadinha! Oldest attending a course the eighth year of Basic Ensino each one prettiest one of what the other! One mixes of blond colored person, fantastic thing! Ah, why I cried? I cried because that suffered woman does not give up its dreams exactly not having fixed residence. The life of it is to be in the maximum two months in each barraco always to the search of better days! As soon as it arrives at the new barraco, it arranges the molambos, but with faith, after that, of the beginning to one horta. It congregates the children and joined each one it fulfills a task. Symantha Rodriguez understood the implications. I do not know if it is because it makes the plantation with love, therefore with this aid in the feeding of the children, loguinho, loguinho that planted area it provokes envy to that way they pass. Interest that I changed my passage of walked to only be namorando that one horta and the involved children in the company of the mother. How disillusionment! Yesterday, when I passed, not they were watering down, pulling out matinhos in the seedbeds and nor the joy that infected to all. Then, vi a parked old pickup truck opposite to the barraco with some belongings already placed. One more time the illusion of those creatures to be remained there, to harvest the hortalias how already they are in the point to saborear them is arriving at the end! They are heading for others plagas, leaving horta pretty, green, with varied hortalias, making envy and with it the dreams to continue saboreando the fruit of the joint work of that mother and its children! But it, mainly, does not lose the hope of a better life.