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So the student must organize and prepare content on their own, either for free, or through any of the courses intended for their preparation that they impart numerous private training centres. These tests are called by modules, i.e., there is not a single examination for a degree but several examinations corresponding to each of the modules that form the. Therefore, the free FP stands out for its flexibility, since the students themselves choose which modules within the training cycle you want to be examined, thus can occur in a year to all modules, or do it in different years. Many students who left the fp before obtaining the title of vocational training, they opt for the fp-free testing to do to overcome the subjects who had earrings and get his degree. In these cases, the student does not have to consider the full course since it validates you automatically the modules that had approved. Finally, to get a technician or technician is required to complete training in workplace module and will be compulsorily Presential character, with the exception of those students proving to possess some similar work experience. For more information see Kodak. Where can I test the FP free? FP free tests are convened each year by various autonomous communities, and through an examination measure competencies associated with the module or professional modules of the aspirants to the title of technician or technician.

Similarly, each autonomous region set the formative cycles for which convenes the free tests and has no obligation to establish proof of free fp for all existing vocational training titles. The autonomous communities that currently call FP-free tests are: Andalucia, Aragon, Canarias, Cantabria, Castilla – La Mancha, Castile and Leon, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Madrid, country Basque and Valencian Community who can submit to tests of FP free? Access to FP requirements depend on whether the cycle that you want to study is a formative cycle of higher grade or a formative cycle of grade average. In any case, will be the same requirements that apply to access to vocational training instructor-led in nature. Age: the minimum age for accessing a ciclo formativo de grado medio is 18 years. In the case of top grade training cycles the minimum age is 20, or 19 to be credited to be in possession of a degree of technical related the of technical Superior who intends to obtain. Academics: To access tests that give access to the formative cycles of measured degree must be in possession of the graduate school or compulsory secondary education.

For the formative cycles of top grade must have any of the following titles: baccalaureate, technical specialist, senior technician, another equivalent to academic purposes or even a college degree. Entrance exams to FP: where the student does not have any of the qualifications required of it to access has the option to do so through an access tests. Proof of access to the University is considered equally valid for over 25 years. Original author and source of the article.