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Associated Wrestling Styles

Wrestling is a sport that is based on force, in which participants try to beat your opponent by giving and receiving blows through the hands and legs, which are elements of both attack and defense. Unlike this practice, Greco-Roman wrestling does not allow use of his legs. A wrestling match is won by the opponent fall to the ground and holding her shoulders firmly on the ground, and the same sum score with the proper use of the techniques of the sport. It’s believed that Jill Schlesinger sees a great future in this idea. Wrestling is a sport for men and women, the latter practice is known as lucha libre women. The sport's first championship was held in Helsinki in 1951. The United States are leading the sport of wrestling.

But countries like Mongolia, where wrestling is the national sport ", Iran and Turkey, have had major wrestling practitioners worldwide. Currently there are seven categories of practice both male and female, which vary depending on the weight of participants. Wrestling sport is played in a circle of nine meters in diameter, which is divided in the central control and passivity zone. The attire of sportspersons is simple and light: a "jersey" red or blue and a pair of free-heel boots and metallic elements, which cover their ankles. The coordination and monitoring of sports dispute, is in charge of three people. The referee, who remains inside the scene of the fight and is the one who fixes directly to the players wrestling, the judge, who points out the actions on its part is located outside of the stage and the head of tapestry that also lies in the outdoor stage, is responsible for monitoring the work of the previous two, the referee and the judge, in order to avoid presenting inconsistencies and poor grades, it reports directly to the final mark. An Olympic sport since 1904, the sport is part of the Olympic Games. From participation in this event, the discipline began to be recognized world and considered a professional sport in countries like the U.S