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Application Manual

A manual on the application itself we would still have forgotten to give, and therefore nothing to read "(" Maskin "). To my great regret, in this case, dear Boris Kriger in some degree of fault. He is too optimistic and unduly expands the readership of his books. Carrier follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Because the readership of his books will not be included as those who do not read anything more complicated romances and clever detectives. Spiritual food offered by the philosopher and writer, so the reader is useless to even pick up and try to eat – they do not saturate it. Indeed, in this spiritual sustenance there is absolutely no blood, all "black and even mud from who wants to immediately close the book and a good wash. But for the reader think for someone who used at least minimally analyze yourself, your actions, your life, events and phenomena in the world, the book by Boris Krieger will open a beautiful, bright, good world – a world in which you want to live, a world that wants to build, create, to aim, even if this world – to some extent, a utopia.

I got the impression that Krieger – a person who has learned to live in harmony with the environment. I suspect that this helped him to his own natural contemplation and contemplation of nature. One of the first and most important impression of the writer's work: the All his books are very positive energy. In the world of his books, you come as a comfortable cottage in which he lives, affable, generous host. Here, all in their places. The soft light creates a comfortable environment. The living room fireplace is burning. On the walls – paintings by famous artists …

The owner has prepared a lot of fun surprises for the guests, games, jokes, jokes, funny stories – all for the guests to relax, feel comfortable … A host of intelligent, elegant conversation, and still throw the puzzle, puzzles for joint discussions and decisions … And for the "kitchen philosophy" and "Thousands of lives" is characterized by an incredible concentration of thoughts and ideas. And this cluster of ideas pushed the reader to further thought and reflection, to his own meditations. In these works, it is easy to get along, seemingly incongruous things: clarity, poeticization; wide range of themes and conciseness, philosophy and humor. Serious issues are revealed easy, fun, relaxed. The reader will find here a purely philosophical ideas – in a sense, abstract, abstract, and quite utilitarian, suitable for everyday use and consumption "Recipes". Presents serious philosophical doctrines and critical thinking in the present situation, but it all – a fairly popular form of "relief" to read. When Krieger-philosopher in the presentation of complex metaphysical idea rises too high in the "empyrean", the Krieger-writer with light irony reduces the "heat": "Sometimes I feel more involved in the galaxy M33, as to what is on my plate." Through such methods, any complex ideas easily perceived, because you read them with a smile.