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Alternative Mobility Plan

The newly created company committees Coordinator of the PTA, within its purpose of study and jointly address issues of common interest to the workers of the technological park of Andalusia, began his work with the presentation of the proposal for an alternative mobility Plan. Are well known problems that come to suffer from long ago more than 13500 employees and visitors of the PTA in your daily access to the Malaga Technopolis: jams, access, parking, public transport the partial initiatives undertaken so far have not been successful, so it intends to now do something more global and that meets with the participation and ownership of all more worry about having better infrastructures and the promotion of transport public. e clarity on the issue. With this objective arises the alternative mobility plan for workers of the PTA, which mainly includes the following proposals for the various administrations and agents involved: 1.-proposals for mobility at the Town Hall of Malaga. Presence of Local police in the management of the traffic roundabout access signage of the access roundabout to be converted in turbo roundabout and installation of reorganisation of traffic light signals to allow expediting the PTA for Cofaran outputs instead of the main avenue of bells of track circuit continuity PTA towards University bike, nuclei nearby population and connection with C2 creation of shuttle lines which connect the station bells with PTA (C2) creation of an EMT shuttle service from the head of line 1 of the Metro when it comes into operation. Options of from header of line-out bus lanes 25 and 25 Express EMT and improvement/adaptation of schedules and new headers/paths become independent outlets to the towns of bells or Santa Rosalia. Pedestrian overpass. Binding nature of the linkage of a minimum of parking for employees and visitors based on the square meters or volume of workers in the plots of the PTA habilitation of new bags from car parks in combination with a service of the EMT of shuttles that distribute by the PTA commissioning of the Municipal nursery in the PTA with management publishes progressive reduction of the SARE zone 30 2-proposals for mobility to the Board of Andalusia and Spain Government.