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Writing Work

Without the daily workouts, it is inconceivable, as a sport like any other profession. And if you think that all the writers first make money, not to work and then sit down to do, then you are grossly mistaken. One well-known writer, before becoming such, he worked at different jobs. At the same time find time to write, and therefore became known. He argues that a writer must read a lot, write a lot and work hard. These are the three components that ultimately lead to success. Look for time. Half an hour a day – this could be your start.

Mistake number 4. Omission of important steps the writer's work. Like any business, there are writers in their ability to work on literary work. Skipping a step leading to a stop on a long time. It all starts with training.

"Not a day without a line." Need to write anything, if only every day. And better off without first weekend. When you see a design that you take over completely, start to work. Its sequence might be: plan, collect material, the first draft, editing, and the second version of the text reading of friends, fellow friends, listening to criticism, the third option, to leave for a long time (two to three weeks or more depending on size), editing the final version of the publication. There is another equally remarkable algorithm. But that is another big and important topic. Mistake number 5. The most hindering, dead-end. You will never be a writer, if you take the pen with the idea of fame. The main motive of the writer is not money or fame. They are the natural result is more important in the work – the process of creating a masterpiece. You need to capture this process. You have to look forward to meeting with a desk and his masterpiece. Only in this way you will not be afraid of criticism. It would be less upset you, because criticism is just part of the process of creativity. And when your writers' work fills you with new ideas and meaning, a masterpiece you provided! These are the mistakes committed beginners. Maybe you have already committed, and you have your own experience to correct them. Write! Very interesting to learn the diverse world of human experience!