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HOW ARE THE EMOS Covering half his face with a lock of hair, black dress with tight clothes, makeup your eyes, and represent a sad and melancholy figure, are the Emos, a tribe of young people is colonizing the schools, streets, shopping centers and places of rumba in the country. Many parents still wonder who the Emos, or what is meant by “painting” of the Emos.Well, this is a generation apparently dressed by unhappiness, depressed by music and lyrics, and a deep need to feel emotions, to jump from the rational level of sensation. Experts in child psychology show that Emos are a trend that contrasts with the monotony of modern life that annuls the emotions, and in extreme cases even leading the young to cut, coming accidentally kill themselves. But Emos respond and say they are not suicidal, they are “mere music and feeling,” who do not know and that as they represent and express pain and loneliness, also expresses joy and love for life. They worship of sorrow Aha Leonardo Psychologist, member of the Colombian League for Life, told Caracol Radio that Emos are its better to be gaining ground among youth trends like punk and metal. He noted that calls attention not only from adults but also of the young, the Emos have the inclination to move towards the melancholy, sadness and depression. Then assume a position of misunderstood and rejected. And say no one takes into account their feelings, and make it as a cult. Leonardo Psychologist Aha, said some boys Emos cut their arms as an expressive gesture, others take it more seriously, and unfortunately in some cases end in acts of suicide. He added that the dress of the Emos consists of black clothing, pants, shirts and tailored jackets, eye makeup, the long tuft of hair that will cover half his face, sometimes using belts or studded belts, and tend to have the appearance of very white skin. Yes, I cut.But life is beautiful Alexandra, a high school student, stated categorically that the emos “are suicidal,” said to be based on sentiment and that unfortunately do not know. He said not all are depressed sometimes. This girl said “can not express is ugly, not being able to be disclosed for fear of rejection, because if you see different is the fear of being run so you do not hurt, it’s pretty tough.” He added that “so many Emos are starting to put videos on the head, and the moment of truth end up doing crazy things.” During the dialogue with Caracol Radio Alexandra admitted that “it was cut,” said that “left to accumulate as many things as you do not have the courage to continue, as if you were in a circle that can change, and think Coming attractions around, you can not express anything of what you think, and what you feel the rejection of the people.But it was an illogical decision because life is beautiful and you have to move on. ” The Emos are right, life is becoming more boring The psychologist and writer Miguel de Zubiria, told Caracol Radio that Emos are one of the most interesting phenomena of youth culture today, that in the coming years will gain better reception.