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Schlosshotel Kronberg

Beauty & wellness offers beauty and wellness in a special atmosphere in the former gatehouse of the Castle Kronberg, November 2009 the Schlosshotel Kronberg now in his romantic former gatekeeper’s House. There, it has beauty Cottage”opened, used exclusively in organic luxury cosmetics lines, primarily products of the organic pharmacy, whose ingredients are tested and completely […]


In climates droughts the heat and the wind are the main enemies of the hair, normally the hair is conformed by cutculas, that when exposing itself to the sun dehydrates and avoids that the humidity crosses all the hair, combined to this the wind entangles the hair and causes that they are struck among them […]

How To Remove Cellulite In Thighs?

Wondering how to rid cellulite on the thighs?The thighs are a problem area for many women and are often a situation difficult to improve.The thighs and buttocks are the most common place for cellulite that gather in women.In this article we will discuss some simple tips that can help you get rid of cellulite you […]