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Proximal Development

Folclrico: The game as expression of the infantile culture through the diverse generations. The tricks that are offered the child must be in accordance with the development zone where it meets, in such a way, the importance of the professor can be perceived to know the theory of Vygotsky (apud Camargo, 2005). The Zone of […]

Chabrol Director

In its exercise, it delegates to the cinema director the total authorship on the film: The film is for the director as well as the book for the writer. The director carries through the film as its subjectivity and express who it is for the film. ' ' The author is one cineasta that if […]

Carlos Henrique

(Carlos Enrique Axe) the fury of the wind that takes and undoes books, the words, and the letters, traces destinations for certain directions, as well as in the video that we can call sampling of the poetry. The same wind is almost imperceptible breeze to the sensations of the eye that stops to attend the […]

The Conservation

Thus being, the EA must allow the understanding of complex nature of the environment and to interpret the interdependence between the diverse elements that the environment conforms, with sight to rationally use the resources of the way, in the material satisfaction and spiritual of the society, in the gift in the future: In 2000, Minini […]

Glass Clock

The neutralization of the acid one was made adding hidrxido of sodium slowly, and verifying if the same it was reached through the paper of tornassol. When finishing one was formed precipitated and leads for a simple funnel already with filter paper to be restrained in the paper only the extracted substance. The extration of […]