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Voltage during a half hours varied from 190 to 260 volts. Relay, which I so cleverly “stuck” in the shield, always worked, and I always remained without electricity. Wife before turning on the washing machine went to the boards, the benefit is in the apartment, and only when the display relay range 200 – 240 volts include. Long story about viewing a television program in the newspaper and the inability to watch television itself, about the sudden stop of a washing machine or a candlelit dinner Patience ended, but the tv – a pity. Yes now sorry for everything else: a microwave, refrigerator and Again, I go to a friend, an electrician, and “cry” in : “What can we do? No Government on this alternating current? “The answer was brilliantly simple:” Because I told you about a product worth fifty times more expensive than a relay? You said that it is expensive for you. You can not buy one, and another, simpler But here I can not guarantee that there may be the first to burn “

Yes, you do not wait: Remember – you do not remember. Let’s stake, find another 400 – 500 bucks, but would not change anything else because of breakdowns, “” In the good old days, stood under every tv set small, well in any case – not a great device. Name of voltage. They were designed for low power consumption from 100 to 500 watts. That’s enough to just for the tv, but in fact, more and it was not necessary. All the equipment is able to withstand the “socialist” swings. Now energy consumption and energy consumption has increased significantly. The present technique – a gentle, although it has its own regulators, but low power and narrow ranges of voltage stabilization. Yes, and put the stabilizer on each device is not not only acceptable, but expensive. Need to put one and the whole apartment, or at least, the phase that feeds the electrical “Now I have problems due to power surges, no The cottage has a problem with the lack of it at all, it is necessary generators to ask, and along with wind power But the crisis now, where do odd jobs?