Cranberry Cottage

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Czech Republic

Other manufacturers are also Hungary, Bulgaria, usa, China and other countries (data are for 2006). In many European countries (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic) and several regions of the United States (California, Chicago), by contrast, introduced a complete legal ban on the production of foie gras. Historically, foie […]


Ingredients: 1 / 2 servings of biscuit: 10 grams of poppy for : 300 g low-fat cottage cheese 500 ml home yogurt 100 g sugar 15 g gelatin 1 kg of strawberries for decorating: 1,5 Art. l. strawberry jelly 3 sprigs of mint 40 g white house pink marzipan Sugar pencil Preparation: cook 1.Nakanune biscuit […]

Cottage Cheese

1 pack of cottage cheese (I have a pack of 9% cottage cheese 250 grams) 1 cup rice (I figure 'Jasmine') 2 cups milk (for cooking rice) 2 cups frozen berries may be larger (pitted cherries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries all that love) – I've got 300 grams of frozen pitted cherries. 1 package vanilla sugar […]