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Wooden Structures

Under these circumstances, suburban market to solve the problem of affordable housing is very difficult. “ORDER-House” – offers great value, in the construction of suburban housing, using quality materials and using modern technology of wood processing. Construction company “ORDER-DOM” over the years gained experience and created his own style. We have been building not only log houses, and baths, houses. Our Technology the company has sufficient flexibility, allowing you to build a home not only for standard designs, but also to implement a variety of architectural designs.

Our projects are building structures are constantly being improved thanks to a wide selection of products. New technologies allow the wood to achieve a high level of output, respectively, improving the quality of manufactured products. In Today, the modern market is rich and varied, allowing the customer to compare the construction technology. The site you will find the manufacturing technology of suburban housing and temporary structures to receive many answers to your questions. In the process of business co-operation we are meeting all customer requirements in a timely manner. At the same time without breaking technology and construction of in accordance with standard building regulations. The choice of the customer we can offer our standard designs or to fulfill individual orders. New technologies and quality products allow us to meet all requirements our customers by providing a guarantee on the building construction. – you will find a warm corner of the photo log and learn the technology of building a wooden house or a bath of profiled bars.