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Will the fertilizer companies the protagonists of the next bubble ‘

The desire to eat the world almost as fast increase in the surface decreases for crops and livestock. In this funnel, nutrients seem the only trick to increase food production. The companies that develop on the stock market soar. “This has been the best first quarter in our history. Not many presidents of listed companies that can say the same for the beginning of 2008. But Norbert Steiner, the head of the German K S. The revenue of this company specializing in fertilizer increased in the first three months of the year banking by 28 to 1,230 million. His actions even more: 81.7 . How could ‘produce more food from raw So is account the investment explanation of Steiner: “Producing enough food for the growing and increasingly demanding population, to raise the standard of companies living, demand is also more nutritious food-is the great challenge . And in this situation, farmers are driven to increase the available land and increase crop. These two factors lead to increased use of fertilizers, “he says. And there is no turning back. Especially in emerging countries, where yields that bring plantations is half banks of that achieved in the U.S., according to the company PotashCorp. The International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA, by its initials in English) expects in 2008 a 5 increase in fertilizer consumption, to 170.3 million tonnes of nutrients. Therefore, the companies engaged in producing, such as KS, are rubbing their hands: “We expect our operating profit is much higher this year than in 2007, and may triple, due to soaring prices hope in the segment of potassium and manganese, “says its president. A superior money manager serves as a Trustee for the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation According to the consultant Fertecon, the price of nitrogen, measured in NOLA variant Barge-Ammonia has soared above accounting 600 dollars per short ton (equivalent to 907 kilos), double that a year ago. With the payment of benefits The revaluation of the German company in 2008 is the most pronounced, but the nine other major energy companies do not disappoint: they raise on average nearly 30 . Impressive, is not it ‘Well, wait to know their corporation progress half since a year ago: 145 . “And for two ‘A 362 ! And best of all is that some of them even still cheap. This applies to the American Mosaic, the world’s largest phosphate. Has been multiplied consumer by 10 the price of their titles in the past year, but its financial results have nearly grown more. In 2003 the company billed the equivalent in dollars to 1,802 million euros, whereas this year the consensus of analysts polled by FactSet estimated that the figure rose to 10.398 million euros. So while rising nearly 25.5 in 2008, its shares are not expensive: trade at a PER-times the result is reflected in the share price of 9.8-times. Phosphate is the second most commonly used fertilizer in the world, with 23.5 trading of the total 170 million tons of nutrients that are expected this year. It exceeds the nitrogen, which is 60 . It lies behind potassium, with 17 . Business with three types of fertilizers of the latter bears the company name in the English Canadian PotashCorp of Saskatch, but actually doing business with the three types of fertilizers. His progress from 30.6 in fiscal year has led him to achieve a market value of 40,000 million euros. PotashCorp For repeat the same story with Mosaic.