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volleyball Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball or just volley (from English: volleyball) is a sport where two teams face off on a flat pitch, separated by a central network, trying to pass tickets. the ball over the network to the floor of the attacking. The ball can be touched or driven with blows clean, but can not be stopped, seized, detained or accompanied. Each team has a limited number of touches to return the ball to the opposite field. Usually the ball is hit with hands and arms, but also with any other body part. One of the most peculiar is that volleyball players have to be rotating their positions as they get America’s source points. There are various modalities. The name identifies the modality volleyball is played in indoor track, but also very popular beach volleyball is played on sand. The sitting volleyball is a variation with growing popularity among sports for the disabled and the practice of Cachibol is widespread in older communities. The Ecuadorian community distributed by the world practice the local variant, the ecuavoley. North America’s Chinese community has a volleyball league nine (nine man volleyball). On a more informal there are other variations that are practiced so popular in summer, beaches and tourist areas, such as futvoley, the water volleyball or bossaball. Volleyball is one sport where greater parity between male and female competitions, both on the level of competition for popularity, in the media and the public who follow the teams. History Volleyball (initially under the name mintonette) was born on 9 February 1895 in the United States, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Its inventor was William George Morgan, a gym Dominica teacher at the YMCA. It was an indoor game with similarities team tennis and handball. Although in its next basketball for delivery time and space, clearly distances itself from this in the roughness in the absence of contact between players. The first ball was designed specially to request the signing of Morgan AG Spalding Bros. of Chicopee, Massachusetts. In 1912 the initial rules were revised in what concerns previews the size of showtimes the pitch and the ball were not insured, limited to six the number of players per team, and joined the rotation on the serve. In 1922, regulates the number of touches, limiting the attack of the defenders and lay down two point lead for the attainment of the set. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) was founded in 1947 and the first world championships were held in 1949 (male) and 1952 (women). Since 1964 has been an Olympic sport. The beach volleyball joined the FIVB in 1986 and the summer Olympic Games for movie information since 1996. Have been recently introduced substantial changes in the volleyball game looking for a Visit Movie more colorful.