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MVRDV will build a new urban district on Lake Tirana in the Albanian capital. Tirana Lake is what gives life to the city. The master plan for the neighborhood is the urban reconstruction and creating a space for a park, lung of the city, with recreational areas, new public spaces, among others. The dispositions of the buildings due to the inclination, money, create new recreation areas and thus create a variety of apartments, shops, restaurants, also create spectacular public spaces, great views. The buildings will have stone facing added to the local natural landscape stones makes them near a lake, which reflects the name of there the same lake of Tirana. The master plan consists of 225,000 m2 of housing, 60,000 m2 offices, 20,000 Public buildings, 60,000 m2 retail, hotel, sporting areas, recreational facilities and parking. The start of construction is envisioned for 2010, the total investment amounts to 600 million Euros. The client in question is a group of Albanian private developers. Source