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Reaching the passive stroll, we can observe the first public baths in the Uruguay and one of the treasures of the city: the colony of vacation Dr. Emilio Oribe, where worked the Hotel Piriapolis (inaugurated in 1905) and administered by the own Piria.Saliendo of the colony by the Armenia Street, a few steps is the Railway Museum, which also has guided.Across the Rambla, we find the entrance to the Hotel Argentino, the most sumptuous in South America in 1930, its inaugural year. Suffice it to say that all its equipment was calculated until the year 2000, taking into cuentaroturas and theft. A guided tour can be coordinated.Leaving the Hotel Argentino, on the right is the rose Pavilion; This building officiated the Anaya cottage stables. Franciso Piria acquired it in Montevideo to biographer and serve lunches that included in the promotion packages, when he brought people from the capital to learn about the Spa of the future.

Currently in process of remodeling, it is believed that its structure was screened at school Paris.por Eiffel Street that passes through the door of the Pavilion (Zabala), walking one block is reached the Cantares restaurant, which operated the first post house in the city.Total of the tour: 11 blocks. PIRIAPOLIS MYSTICAL Don Francisco Piria was initiated at an early age in the wisdom of the Alchemy thanks to his uncle, a Jesuit monk. With time he designed a city that demonstrates his deep knowledge within a precise geometric framework.Place 1The road begins on the stairs at the base of cerro San Antonio coming to the grotto of the Phoenix Bird. Then continues to meet our Lady Stella Maris, in which through a prayer ask assistance for the rest of the way.Place 2Luego up the road, on the left we descend along the route until you reach Avenida de Mayo. There we turn right and we headed up to the Venus source, asking for our heart.Place 3.4.3in the source of the Cerro del Toro, then Enter the rest under Taurus (who symbolizes the ground), we take seat on the thrones of the sides letting water run beneath our feet discharging us and aquietando us.Aquarius man (symbolizing water).

We climbed 33 steps on all sides until you reach the seal of the Sun, we lay on the altar, we meditate and ask reborn. Then, climbed 26, 22 and 32 steps following until the feline Leo (symbolizing fire) and continue up to find us with the Eagle (symbolizing air).Place 4Hotel baths (colony of holidays). Looking for a road in black (nigredo) in labyrinth with white (albedo) feel the yellow (citrinitas) and reaches the Red (rubedo) in clef. Fleur de lis guides you. The cross protects you reaching the pink work.Place 5Catedral route 37 is a hallmark of first star, message that all Alchemist can put after achieving his gold. Rosette of 8 petals.Place 6Castillo of Piria route 37 seeks Hare 8 petals rosette a door to nothingness walks through the gardens meditates under the drago dracenas.Place 7Argentino Hotel guard at the entrance of air and fire the dense and the subtle counts steps enters from the right, salt by the left looking for the symbol of Uranus found trails in a golden place. As I said before, I hope that this article will motivate know Piriapolis.