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The judicial process

The judicial process of closing the Spanish police for years investigated the relationship between Egin and ETA, including the source of ads in Egin allegedly used to send greetings and messages to prisoners accused and / or convicted of terrorism. According to investigations by the Guardia Civil, Egin, performing work of “ideological dissemination ‘, and internal communication of its activists. In a report of this body, even thought that ETA could have chosen in 1992 to a new director and deputy director of Egin. However, to be scheduled for trial as an expert author of the report an officer said he could not affirm it. In 1994, the Ertzaintza (Basque police) headquarters Egin recorded. That same year he found similarities between the files of research team Rei and information on targets seized from ETA. In August, Pepe Rei was arrested by order of Judge Carlos Bueren, but was acquitted in 1997.At dawn on July 14, 1998, Judge Baltasar Garzon ordered the precautionary closure of both media, and the arrest of several officials of “Orain, SA”, whom he accused of integration into an armed group and all detainees were released incommunicado under anti-terrorism legislation in its statement, the judge considered that the company was subject to ETA.