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Thus being, the EA must allow the understanding of complex nature of the environment and to interpret the interdependence between the diverse elements that the environment conforms, with sight to rationally use the resources of the way, in the material satisfaction and spiritual of the society, in the gift in the future: In 2000, Minini told that the AE is a process that consists of propitiating to the person a critical and global understanding of the environment, to elucidate values and to develop attitudes that allow them to adopt a conscientious and participativa position, regarding the questions related with the conservation and adjusted use of the natural resources, for the improvement of the quality of life and the elimination of the extreme poverty and the wild consumerism. AMBIENT EDUCATION: DEFINITIONS? Ambient education is the preparation of people for its life while members of the biosfera;

Ambient education is the learning to understand, to appreciate, to know to deal and to keep the ambient systems in its totality; Ambient education means to learn to see the picture global that it surrounds a specific problem – its economic and technological history, its values, perceptions, factors, and the natural or artificial processes cause that it and that they suggest action to cure it; Ambient education is the learning of as to manage and to improve the relations between the society human being and the environment, in integrated and sustainable way; Ambient education means to learn to use new technologies, to increase the productivity, to prevent ambient disasters, to minorar the existing damages, to know and to use new chances and to take made right decisions. AMBIENT EDUCATION: ITS PURPOSES? To help to make and to understand clearly, the existence of the economic, social interdependence, ecological politics and, in the urban and agricultural zones; To provide, to all the people, the possibility to acquire the knowledge, the direction of the values, the attitudes, the active interest to the attitudes, necessary to protect and to improve the environment; To induce new forms of behavior in the individuals, in social groups and in the society in its set, regarding the environment..