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Measures preventive is very difficult to point out preventive measures, even when the ILO has suggested some, for application in Social work professionals, based on studies of Breakwell, 1989, and Griffin (1995). For the first, the prevention of violence is based on training, management methods and modification of the physical environment, communication systems, or both at the same time, while the proposal of Griffin, is based on training in the constructive exercise of authority, the intervention in crisis situations, security in the workplace and outside of it, design of installations, general prevention techniques and means of prevention of violence on the other hand the INSHT in NTP No. 489, violence in the workplaceIt tackles the problem of violent behaviors that can fall victim to workers by reason of his employment, classifies the types of violence, and offers analysis of the risk criteria, as well as a series of generic preventive measures. In the classification that offers this technical note on prevention, the risk of violence for social workers, is type II, since there is a type of professional relationship between the cause of the violent act and the victim, and may occur, these facts while the social worker provides a service. Factors that may increase the possibility of being subject to the violence of the users of services in which a social worker works are environment (unstable economies, depressed areas, areas with high crime rate), or inherent to the perpetrator (psychological instability, lack of individual responsibility, dissatisfaction with the service, perception of unfulfilled promises, or poor management of their frustration, anger or stress) the preventive measures proposed, laying around three basic lines: concerning the environment, concerning the working procedure and relating to security systems. Likewise gives special importance to support victims, already to be violent conduct of a user object can affect not only the professional but personal life.

It is therefore important to provide a rapid and professional response which allow to help recover from the traumatic event. This support has to be short-term as immediately as possible to the occurrence of violence and long-term. Short-term support should be a combination of emotional support and information and help practice. Sometimes, it is necessary to support prolonged in time, especially when the physical or emotional consequences are long lasting original author and source of the article