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The women who worked received 30% unless the men, with this advantage arrived the point of the employers to admit many women and children, why thus, the profit would be with certainty, greater. The poor woman surrounded by completely off an official morality of its reality lived between the cross and the sword. scarce and regular wage of its husband would arrive to supply the necessities only domesticates for a miracle. The treatment of inferiority, the sexual siege for its proper masters or any powerful man of the time, the obedience and total submission to the husbands left the woman in an abandonment situation and unprovided of the rights before justice and the society, because it did not have where to live, if in case that it came it separates of the husband. A problem of the housing was serious and same those that lived with the husbands needed to work to support the house, because nor all the men if worried about the sustenance of the home. The woman did not obtain to have recognized profession and many of them were suspicion to be women prostitutes, and were watched by the husbands and the society.

The situation of the poor woman always discharges in the threat: of ' ' woman decada' ' without value ahead of the society that at no moment reevaluated the values that had they it were seen as a thing before its husbands. After many overturns and sufferings the women had finally arrived at century XXI with another personality and recognized values ahead of the society, however, very still must be made they to inside obtain its space of the society. Moments exist to commemorate, therefore the woman of century XXI is present in all the sectors of the economy, the politics and receives the equal wage in relation to the men. She can yourself be said that the women are victorious. Without a doubt, one is about a instigante workmanship and enlightening for that if to interest in knowing the history of the poor woman of the beginning of century XX, as well as looking for to understand the real conditions where the women lived at the time, they are professors and future professors.