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Several Reasons To Buy Property In Bulgaria

1. Salubrious climate, beautiful sea and comfortable temperature 8 months a year. 2. In Bulgaria, we can always do the Russian language. 3. Older family members in Bulgaria, comfortable, familiar to all as a youth.

4. Cost of living is the lowest in Europe can survive on the Russian retired. 5. Bulgaria – a country where Russian is loved and always welcome. 6. Mentality in Bulgaria 'Slavic', in the best sense of the word. 7.

Street crime in Bulgaria is among the lowest in the world. 8. Bulgarians calm, smiling and kind people. 9. The rhythm of life in Bulgaria relaxed, tuned to rest and pleasure. 10. Currently, property in Bulgaria at very affordable prices. 11. Flight time to the European part of Russia for about 3 hours. 12. A startling variety of landscapes, flora and fauna in a compact area. 13. Drug and alcohol abuse are almost nonexistent. 14. Guarantee the security of investments. Bulgaria – eu country since 2007. 15. Since 2015 Bulgaria is Euro, which again will increase the price level. 16. Key eu subsidies allocated to Bulgaria, will invest in the economy in 2010. 17. Finally, property prices in Bulgaria have reached a bottom and begin to grow.