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Setback For Debit Card: Large Companies Reject

Autumn meeting illuminated mood among travel managers that debit card by Lufthansa AirPlus is no acceptable solution for the purchase of Lufthansa airline tickets – at least for large companies for business travel and mobility management. That was payment batch on the autumn Conference for business travel and mobility management in food today on the Panel discussion on the subject of optional significantly. GeschaftsreiseVerband VDR had representatives of Deutsche Lufthansa and its daughter company AirPlus with travel managers at a table, to talk about fees sprawl, processes and the cost-benefit ratio of alternative payment method. Lufthansa and its group airlines had on November 2, 2011 charges the so-called optional payment charge – for the payment of tickets by credit card introduced. With the debit customers go to card while the discount – the changeover to the new map will cause but significant effort in the companies and travel agencies. A member survey of the Association had drawn a picture of the mood in the run-up to the event. Therefore debit oppose about 80 per cent of Directors of VDR which AirPlus card. Almost three quarters of them call the difficult conversion as a reason.

Especially in large companies from 1500 employees of high process – and administration costs effect is negative on the cost-benefit ratio. Also the advantages of a credit card as reporting capabilities and an extended payment accounts for for debit-card users – unless customers pay for in addition. “Debit card outweigh the disadvantages of the payment method that is recommended by the Lufthansa clearly. In addition, that feel driven many companies into a corner and do not support this kind of business conduct, as well as the intervention in internal business processes”, explains Ralph Rettig, Vice President of the VDR, the results of the survey. The head of the VDR Committee on SMEs, Andrea Zimmermann, adds: “it is very heavily dependent on the travel behaviour, the destinations and the volume of the companies, what pain the new reward brings.