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Imagine you have plans to travel to Russia next year to vacation in this country. I think a report detailing the attractive places in which type of transport can go, what it's worth the trip on public transport, etc. . . What are the most attractive places for Russian tourists? Deserves attention going on vacation to the Black Sea not only to bathe in the sea and sun but also to enhance health, healing, which is due to sources of mud where tourists are going to get their water. The city of Sochi, Anapa, are the cities that attract a lot of Russian tourists for its beach resorts are at your service hotels 3, 4 and 5 star hotels located on the shores of the Black Sea.

Also in the territory of Russia are sanatoriums including it should be noted that are located in the cities of Yesentuki, Mineralnie Vodi, known for its spas. Fishing enthusiasts dedicated to going on holiday to the nearby city of Astrakhan, ie the river where you can Ajtuba fish breeds of fish such as pike and others that are not found in the rivers and lakes in the Moscow region, ie those who are in danger of extinction. Can also be found in some pond turtle resting on a branch at the water basking sun. Among insects inhabit such exotic creatures as Regilio mantis, which in continental temperate climate zone of our country do not live. In the Far East, home to some exotic animals and insects.