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Renaissance City

The southern end of Las Vegas Strip in 2003.
When The Mirage hotel opened its doors in 1989 we began a phase of construction which departed from the city center toward the area known as the Las Vegas Strip. This resulted in a drop in tourism from which the downtown area (central area) is still recovering.
There have been many efforts by the leaders of the city to diversify the economy of Las Vegas, trying to attract manufacturing firms, banks and other commercial activities. The absence of income tax both individual and corporate and simple bureaucratic procedures involved in setting up a corporation have fostered the success of their efforts.
The relatively late to have developed an urban core that has made Las Vegas has maintained a fairly affordable price of real estate in comparison with urban centers nearby. As a result the city has recently experienced a boom both in population and in tourism. Thus in 2001 the metropolitan area of Las Vegas was the center of the fastest growing population throughout the United States. The town was incorporated in Las Vegas for 478,434 people. The metropolitan area of Las Vegas Valley is home to 1,583,172 residents according to the estimate of the county in 2003.
Reflecting the rapid population growth is the construction in the early 90’s new Barrio Chino (Chinatown in English) on Spring Mountain Road. Initially consisted only of a huge shopping complex, although recently the area was wide with new shopping centers.
With the expansion of the area of Las Vegas Strip in 90, the Downtown area of Las Vegas began to suffer. The Fremont Street Experience was built in an effort to draw tourists to the area of downtown. Although it has slowed the decline has not arrested the fall in tourism and revenues. The Neonopolis with restaurants and theaters were built to offer more services to the downtown area. Neonopolis has undergone several changes in ownership and management in such a way that has not been able to rent all the space available. In March 2005, was for sale.
Inside a casino. Most of the city’s economy is based on tourism, including gambling.
The city bought 247,000 m2 owned by the rail company Union Pacific Railroad in the late 90’s with the goal of creating something that would attract tourists to the town center. After several proposals, virtually all of that plot has no firm development plan. The council agreed to make changes in the area of Fremont Street allowing the bars are more together twice those in other cities. These changes have yet to show its impact.
In the early years, 2000 saw some promising signs, several projects were announced condominium or timeshare. The city convinced the state tax agency to move its headquarters from the outskirts of the city center and a new building opened in April 2005. Projects are expected to provide multi-youngest population in this area of the city. It was also hoped that the tax agency generates an additional demand of business in this area, especially in the daytime. Cruises. coastal vacations. Travel. Business. Business Opportunity. Disney. Las Vegas. Money on the Internet. Business Opportunities.
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