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Poplars Knowing

I’m like step cicada my winters sustained in time and space. As Ant walk, very slowly, the blind mazes by inmates. As a woman I wrap a know us that allows us to be, like Topaz, transparent and which first preface – which raise the virtue to sustain us. But I’m intelligent animal as they say some of the people, and seek to sensible thoughts. Just try to be like that so simple cricket that, by simple and easy, it is dying in his singing and movement. CONCEPTION if the Majesty of the tree fits in the seed, how to not believe that Dios coexists in the word. How to move the word of life, if you can not live without seeing its magic.

Lullaby in the chirping of bird, or howling wind that concentrates, life itself that passes and feeds, and with greenery or echoes, we spread. Everything is starting from nothing. Small is the beginning of life, which then grows and moves because so – subtle – was conceived. EXPERIENCE SAN JOHANNEUM (a. Barreal) and I opened the window with surprise without knowing how to see the eternal snow.

First time. Sigh. Everlasting singular experience. White firmness. Poplars that lightly with dexterity intricacies of a zonda. External voice. Expansion. Strong cavern howl was heard in this NAP. Their fierceness with force beat us the window, wanting to penetrate all their desire, but ceded its impetus. Muted response in sudden gurgles that invade that sunset, with their trills, and a sky with stars, was ruling. Quadrant pendulum us brand. It is the life that danced you a compass. It is a second that dies in the rhythm and, dying, breathes again. Insightful that string to tour us convida, forward another step in this world. So pushing a clock that hides its presence by deep. Moved spy that jigsaw and numbing knowing that his force enhances everytime you feel motivated. That are that emphasizes its constancy, inspires confidence, and his arrogance, fades your stay worried. Original author and source of the article.