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Playing Ball

The cue ball is in play after hitting him on the tip of the cue. If in-hand ball, played in the opposite corner, and fell as a result of the strike in other pockets count. Beat with a hand out of the house is also produced in other specified cases, these rules: the cue ball fell into a pocket or jumped overboard ("Russian pyramid", "Moscow pyramid"), with the strike resolved only the balls that are located outside the home. If all the object balls are placed in the house, then kick to the opposite side of the table, which in this case serves as a temporary home, the back line limited. 6.

Total balls. The balls are considered to play (scored), if they strike the right as a result of falling into the pockets. Ball, reflected from the pockets on the playing surface remains in the game. Object ball, which fell into the pocket as a result of deliberate roll it on the board is not included and is set in accordance with the specific game rules, and the penalty is not imposed. 7. Jumped balls. Jumped balls are balls over the side, staying out after hitting the game the table (on board on the floor, etc.). The ball remains in play, when he hit the any stationary billiard accessory (upper deck, the bracket pockets, lighting fixture, etc.), returns to the self- playing surface.

If the ball touches the outside of the table to any other object (cue, chalk, clothes, etc.), it is jumped out, even if he then returns to the playing surface. JUMPED the object balls are set after the strike in accordance with the rules of each game, with no penalty is imposed, and correctly pocketed ball counts. If the cue ball jumps over the side, the player is penalized, and pocketed balls are not counted. In a game of "American" cue ball is exposed on the same basis.