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Piping Systems

Drinking water – a vital resource that requires maximum protection on the path from the source of water to consumers, that is to you and me. Network for supply of plastic pipes are used by firms engaged in supply of water for its supply to our homes. Inside the house they used to supply water to the kitchen, the bathroom to washing machines and so on. Since ancient times, many different materials used for the transfer of clean drinking water from the source to the consumer. The most obvious signs of water systems in ancient times – a Roman aqueducts, found in many areas that once belonged to the Roman Empire.

Later they began to iron and ispolzovatsya cement pipe, but to date they have been supplanted polyethylene pipes. Over the past 50 years, polyethylene pipes have gained popularity and are now the most popular in most countries. Water supply system from Polyethylene pipes are the best solution for the transfer of drinking water. And when it comes to preventing water loss and when it comes to protecting water from potential contamination (falling out). Polyethylene pipes are not exposed to chemicals used for water purification, such as chlorine. In addition, water from the pipes combine the advantages of politetilenovyh durability and wear resistance with ease of installation, and are a good investment of funds. Plastic pipes used for drinking water, mainly made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutylene.