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If your intention is to show you this holiday season this makeup is for you!. We will begin superior.para eyelid makeup brush this charge shaded in gray tone. and we apply well above the eyelash line fading up and toward the center of the eyelid.When we work with dark tones, it is advisable to go charging the brush in small amounts.We will take the gold tone and apply it from the tear toward the center of the eyelid and esfumaremos upwards, reaching the Arch of the eyebrow.With a black crayon we delineate well glued to the line of tabs on the top of the lower eyelid. starting from the external side of the eyelid toward the Center. Add lash mascara.Once we finished with the eyes.

We started corregis with a corrector clear dark areas of the face that you want to enhance. Dark circles under eyes, furrows nasogenian, spots, etc. Once made the corrections we will apply the basis of make-up topicando gently to not modify the corrections made in the previous step. Once placed the basis of make-up, apply, with a Pompom of cotton, volatile powder on T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks and Chin).With a brush put a pink blush, positioning it well on the manzanita forming the cheeks to the smile. We delineate the lips with a brush and red lipstick, either on the same natural line. Fill below the outline with the same lipstick and ready to receive the 2008 full color! Original author and source of the article.