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Mother and Son Relationships

Luciana de Queiroz Integrated Facultieses of Ducks the relations between mother and son are represented, in the arts and even though in mythology Greek, as the relation of Demter and exemplifica Persfone well. To say on mother and son, in the culture Christian occidental person, takes in them to form, the image of a close relation, only true e. They are two on bodies biological where one presenteou the other with the life. Mother and son if complete: the mother if sees perpetuated in the son and the son if she sees reflected in the mother. Thus the woman is involved with the being mother and/or son continuously.

‘ ‘ Privacy and continuity disclose that mother and son are two polar regions of the same being: woman. Creative and destructively, the son searchs in the mother its identity; the mother becomes fullfilled itself with the existence of the son. A presence of the direction to the other, the two are completed dialeticamente to compose one all: feminino’ ‘. (SEABRA & MUSZKAT, 1985, p.47) When, however, the relationship between mother and son are not harmonious? When, for a reason or another one, both are adversaries? This happens with the main personages of the Dra romance, Doralina. Joined biological and desiring to reflect one in the other, but fighting against this, Dra and its mother Lady they measure as independent people, initiating a dispute process that, depending on the intensity, generates crooked conflicts between the two. The sublime and reciprocal love if transforms into anger, in hatred. The proper Dra confesses the feeling that it feeds for its mother: Lady. Step ace times one month, month and way – and if nobody speech in it step many months, ah, would pass until years without remembering to me Lady.