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Rest, relax, enjoy the scenery and enjoy a fully deserved break from work activities or academic, is one of the best experiences a person can have since released even for a short time of normal loads life is very rewarding and as a reward to the efforts being made in daily life and make a pleasure trip is of great value in people’s lives and for this reason when a trip in which is to take every second as possible, we must know more about the different tourist spots that are highly relevant to relax and have fun. According to the above one of the tour that offers the best conditions to spend a season of rest and pleasure, is making a trip to Mallorca, which is found a lot of activities that are liked by all of tastes, so make a trip to Mallorca, is traveling in one of the most recommended tourist spots for vacations. Thus, if we take the decision to enjoy a trip to Majorca, you should know some general information about the island, to take full advantage of the trip to Mallorca. So to make a trip to Mallorca is moving to the larger island that makes up the whole of the Balearic Islands that are in the Balearic archipelago, which is the easternmost point of Spain, the other islands that make up the whole of the Balearic Islands are Menorca and Ibiza. Entering more of the elements were found to make a trip to Mallorca, there was a diverse geography, as in a trip to Mallorca will be shown different types of landscapes such as cliffs on the northeast side of the island, which form a beautiful view along with the beaches, can also be found a plain in the central part of the island, the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Massif de Miranda. As can be understood on a trip to Mallorca you can enjoy a varied geography that gives rise to many places on the island that are very attractive. A very important aspect when making a trip to Mallorca, is taken seriously which is the official language is handled on the island, which is Catalan, which is the native language of the Balearic Islands, but also speaks Spanish as official language, typical of the country to which they belong. Mallorca is worth mentioning that handles a special form of Catalan, which is the Spaniard, which stresses the use of neutral vowel “E” and Article salty. Another aspect of great pleasure to be enjoyed by making a trip to Mallorca, is the perfect climate with much l to the island, because it has a perfect Mediterranean climate that comes with the nice beaches, but we must keep in mind that thanks the presence of high altitudes on the island, sometimes snow can occur in such places.