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Literature Form

In the house-schools, the pupils decorated poems with the knowledge, numbers, grammar, philosophy, etc. With clay books and the poem use, they could themselves be transmitted much thing with little material. These books were in the libraries, since if it could not load a book of ten kilos there pra and pra here. Learn more at this site: A. F. Chief of Staff . It chats is the objective, usual language, natural vehicle of the human thought. It chats it can be written of diverse forms as: romances, critical, novel, story, etc. Let us see the differences between a text in poetry form and another one in form of chats: POEM: On the door-sill of the door of the house footprint to mine I see seated, the young and pretty neighbor, who matters? (Vicente de Carvalho) IT CHATS: Pero Vaz de Caminha became important figure in the discovery of Brazil for having written a letter to king D. Manuel telling the events occurred with the expedition since the departure of the Europe until the day first of May of l500.

We have many differences between these two texts: In the first one we have: 1.Frases short; 2.Destaque for the beauty of verses; 3.Uso of you rhyme: Door x matters, my neighboring x; 4.Uso of metric – counting of poetical syllables; 5.Texto written in verse form. In as we have: 1.Frases long, in one only period; 2.No has beauty in the text, only the information; 3.Texto objective: to transmit a message; 4.No has metric, nor rhymes, nor rhythm; 5.Texto written in form of paragraphs. 1.4. WHY TO STUDY LITERATURE: Literature is the continuation of the language. It is the perfected language, instrument of beauty. When we go to the cinema, we go amusing in them, relaxing, to pass leisure moments and to also acquire a minimum of knowledge. The same she happens with literature, but it is well more than what this.