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The baby memory – not what adults! Action memory of the children – this is a very important thing that must not forget the adults. Parents, you should always remember that a child is much more emotional than logical. Click Costco to learn more. He remembers feelings and emotions that were with him in this situation than any facts. Here's an example. One day, Sasha and his parents went to the cottage.

His dad went to the river to fish, and Sasha decided to build a "house" his dacha. The boy enthusiastically dragged some building materials, trying to build a "house", but When my father came from fishing, we broke the creation of a child and told to remove the debris. Craig Jelinek has many thoughts on the issue. Maybe Sasha build posted somewhere is not there, or did that something was wrong or had some other logical reasons, but history is silent about this, because the boy only remember the bitterness and resentment. And in the future, most likely, he does not want anything to build (of course the same as that remains in memory child). For now, being fully grown man, he says: "Now, I have some sort of allergic to anything related to construction.".

I also want to give you an example that in my memory of childhood. When did the Grade 5, lessons Labour were conducted separately for boys and girls separately. On the lessons of the labor of girls we had something prepared. All held in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A teacher once organized everything so that the relatively short time we had time to have fun, learn something and also to entertain the boys. By the very process of cooking, I am somehow not very good, perhaps because doing it is still necessary, but the lessons Labour cause warm, good memories. In general, more importantly, whether the child a sense of pleasant or unpleasant, rather than specific details. In any situation with the child to be respectful (you show him disrespect when shouting: "Who are you ), friendly (unlikely he would feel if you allow yourself to say:" Get out of here! ") and thoughtful (not necessary to focus his attention on the fact that you so much done him). Do not forget that the teacher's role is very important in your child's life. After his school years for a significant part in the memory of the little man. If learning causes the child boredom, it is likely rejects the very best teaching. Such an attitude is hard to change, and it may persist for a lifetime. For example, I recorded my son's circle of science for children. He really wanted to learn how to use a computer for to play any particular game (I had taught him could not). The teacher wanted to talk about the huge amount of information and probably not paying attention to what they want children. My child was bored there He threw this circle and the computer itself was not interested in him. On the one hand, well, that the child does not sit all day at the computer, on the other hand, in our time simply must have at least some skills. And now we need think about how to fix this situation. If the memory of the school the child will be pleasant memories can continue to be deeply personal. The moral is: as the child remembers the feeling is much easier than the facts requires him to have as many good memories, thanks to which he has accumulated knowledge.