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Jardin De San Marcos

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El Jardin de San Marcos (in egyptian antiquities Italian Giardino di San Marco) is a former garden of Florence, situated between the present Via Cavour and Via San Gallo, roughly between sites Mediceo Casino mesopotamia art and the Palazzo Socci.
The garden is famous as Lorenzo the Magnificent think a kind of first academy of art in egyptian paintings Europe, where young talents in the arts could egyptian sculpture study the works and artistic techniques, copying the hieroglyphic art ancient art collections owned Medicea.
Tombstone of disappeared The area existed in the Middle Ages, probably a green area with anenclosed campus, as evidenced by the old name art Cafaggio roman artwork this park, game egypt sculptures reserve. Its proximity to sumerian art the egyptian arts Palazzo Medici data around the year 1475 Clarice Orsini, Lorenzo ancient vase woman, decides to buy the monks of San Marcos and later Lorenzo situ alli collecting ancient sculpture purchased mostly in Rome.
The importance of this place comes from the experiences of Renaissance art is crucial here because greek sculpture the Lorenzo founded an art school very exclusive, greece art with some promising young artists, egyptian art especially the workshop of Domenico Ghirlandaio, among whom were Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Francesco Baccio da Montelupo Granacci, egypt art among others, egyptian sculptures being under the patronage of the sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni, who egypt paintings had learned the rudiments of art, copying classical sculptures and exercising with the drawing or sculpture, or other techniques.
With subsequent expulsion of the Medicis and egypt sculpture the area was gradually abandoned buildings by entering a greek artwork part of the park of ancient sculpture the Casino di San Marco (now the Florence Court of Appeal) until the nineteenth greek art century when the whole area was covered with a ancient drawings re-construction dell’Indipendenza the Piazza, and that sometimes arise hellenistic art in large part of the noble palaces of today.

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