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The Professor thinks that; What it is had is that to try to catch foreign investment and to stimulate the industralists so that is major it supplies and thus also to activate the national productive apparatus. For William Vsquez, that is economist graduated in the University of Carabobo, with a Masters in Economy of Companies, (Micro-economics), a specialization in Cooperation the International for the Development, of the University of Alcala of Madrid and a Doctorate in Economy in the Independent University of Madrid, and that at the moment develops like professor of the UC, a serious problem that at the moment is lived, is the one of the monopolizing, which the university professor I answer with: the monopolizing is consequence of the inflation and of the low competitiveness and competition that there is in the Venezuelan economy, the monopolizing is a natural answer to the imbalances that the State generates in the economy and the form to fight against it is to foment the competition and to generate policies so that the supply is increased. The Government which must do is Disciplinar the cost, to stimulate the supply, to cause that he becomes to have confidence in the country and that the investors want to work here and to be able to increase national production. The message that leaves the university professor is that there is to invest and until get into debt itself to invest in the measurement of the possibilities and of making transactions that allow him to protect the prices of the inflation. For professor Innocent Sanchez: the Government spoke of 12% of inflation, soon have raised 19% subsequent to accumulated 7.1% to it in the first trimester, was impossible that the initial number stayed and my projections until the month of March give a 33% me for the year, but is due to wait for because it is including a distorting effect and he is not other that the emission of 3000 billions of dollars in sovereign bonds to 18 and 20 years, that the Government is emitting and is a distorting one because without saying it this introducing a devaluation that will affect to that they concern nutritional products, medicines and to that concern capital assets because it is done indeed with that aim .