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Horizontal And Vertical Blinds

The world knows 2 kinds of blinds – horizontal and vertical. In addition, there are special shades, which in their functionality similar to Venetian blinds: roll-up blinds, Japanese curtains, which is what we rolled. With these curtains, art room will always be easier and more convenient, because the blinds easy to fold and can decorate any window. Horizontal blinds can be made of different materials: aluminum, wood, plastic, fabric. Some of the most Universal built-in blinds are aluminum. Their peculiarity is that they are quite compact and can be put even between window frames. Initially, horizontal blinds were considered the best option exclusively for office space; indeed, they create a little cold and formal setting, although at the present time a variety of colors you can use them not only in offices but also in homes, For example, in the kitchen. One variety of aluminum blinds are blinds Isolite, which are mounted directly on the plastic windows.

Legged position is regulated in only two directions, shutters can be either closed or open. They are mounted close to the windows and do not take up too much space. The main feature of these blinds is that you can install them where there is no way conventional designs (For example, when you need to frequently open the sash windows and shutters are the usual here are uncomfortable). Horizontal blinds are commonly used for large and wide windows, spacious rooms or rooms. Among the most horizontal blinds popular plastic. Behind them are easy to maintain, wipe the dust, so this way of decorating the windows – the most economical and popular.