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Habbo (or Habbo Hotel) is one of the largest Internet social network, operated by Sulake Corporation. Habbo, focusing on youth and adolescents, presents ways chat rooms of a hotel room, rendered in isometric projection. Registration and entry Habbo is free, but access to additional services require the purchase of “Habbo Credits” real money, which is the currency within the hotel. The “Habbo Credits” are used sba loan to purchase extras within the hotel, such as Habbo Club and the ability to buy furniture, called “Furni”.
The service was launched in 2000, it has been expanded to 31 countries and the service is available in 20 languages. The network growth is so great that every day more than 75.000 bind new users, recorded 9,500,000 unique visitors per month and there are over one hundred million accounts created. Citation needed In addition, 90 of visitors have between 13 and 18. In 2008, Habbo had more than 104 million accounts created worldwide, where the Spanish and Latin American hotel provides more than 15 million accounts to the total. The number of users simultaneously connected highest of all the hotels have been registered in Spain and Latin America, where they have reached approximately 58,000 users playing simultaneously.
Habbo’s original concept came from a project called Mobiles Disco, created by Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyr l for mobile phones. The idea caught on, and so was created the Hotelli Kultakala (in Finnish, Hotel goldfish). The name was later scrapped and changed to Habbo Hotel was launched in 2001 for United Kingdom. Later, in Finland, then change the name also as Habbo Hotel in 2002.
Habbo is home to a large community of people around the world. By buying virtual furniture with SMS messages, credit cards, or other means, users can design their own hotel rooms and create a social space for themselves and their friends.
Some members have experience in Habbo Hotel is really convirteron “Habbo celebrities”. Habbo These celebrities have gained prominence and fame through the community, either as members of Habbo Club, owners of Habbo Fans pages, earning games nominated by administrators, or having a large number of Furni or virtual furniture collection .
Habbo Hotel To navigate using the browser rooms, this browser allows financing users to travel from chat room to another. Besides being a means of transport, hire Navigator also shows basic unsecured loan information about chat rooms, such as descriptions, online users, privacy settings, and the owner.
Chat Rooms
There are two types of virtual chat rooms at the hotel. The interface of both chat rooms remains the same, however, the designs as rooms are different.
The public rooms are rooms commercial loan that are available to all members and has no owner. They often depict scenes finance such as restaurants, parks, cinemas, clubs and discos. Most public rooms contain Habbo automated robots that private equity have pre-recorded messages, these robots can Habbo give virtual drinks and food to members. Public rooms are designed by Sulake and are not customized or created by users. In the public rooms can not change habbo Furni with other users and can not take the room.
The private rooms are rooms where users can customize as they like, either with wallpaper, floor or furniture. Users can also choose from a wide commercial business loans range of templates and room to determine who will form the room. The rooms can be created by any member and can be blocked to allow access only to specific users, private rooms are created for free, but decorating them should buy Habbo Credits.
Roles of members
Basic Functions
Change clothes: Links to the edit page of Habbo, where you can change the look of the player.
Plates: The members can display up to 5 plates for their achievements and a plaque of some group they belong.
Edit: Allows you to edit the habbo, either to change the mission, change the password, and edit or make new categories for friends.
Dancing: It allows the habbo dance at any time provided that no sitting or lying position. The members belonging to the Habbo Club can select from several dances.
Health: habbo moves his hand up waving.
Effects Inventory: In habbo can activate various effects that are rented with pixels, these special effects have a duration of 60 minutes.
Functions in relation to other members
Ignore: Habbo Habbo ignores other blasphemy not to listen or just say that not to be in a serious mess.
Permit or Right: Also called “powers” are those things you can do in your room with respect to members who are in it.