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Glass Clock

The neutralization of the acid one was made adding hidrxido of sodium slowly, and verifying if the same it was reached through the paper of tornassol. When finishing one was formed precipitated and leads for a simple funnel already with filter paper to be restrained in the paper only the extracted substance. The extration of the remain was made in the same way being that to neutralize the NOH, NHCO3 was used HCl in same ratios. Made this, each precipitated was taken to the one funnel contends paper of filter in a kitassato where he was dry through an empty bomb. Before carrying through the drying, one weighed the glass clock and the paper of filter of each one of substances and wrote down the joined weight. The extracted substances had been storaged per some days in order to dry them, and after that they had been weighed. After to write down the weight with the aid of a spatula was removed small amount of each one individually, placing enters two plated of previously clean glass with a humidified ball of cotton in alcohol. After that it was led to the digital device of submitted point of fusing being to the heating until the total fusing of the sample.