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Getting Started XX The disappearance of the Western League in 1963, the Zulia region quintessential baseball, lost his favorite pastime, leaving that legendary rivalry between the pastor Dominica and the Hawks, dating from the thirties, in the memory. Centaurs, Racing, Cabimas, broadsword, Orange, Victoria and Cardenales de Lara, were the other teams that encouraged these championships, whose main stage was the stage Alejandro Borges. ” From the year 1963, there were many feints that were made to reinsert Zulia in professional baseball. In 1969 came the figure of Luis Rodolfo Machado Bohorquez, baseball connoisseur of movement for being the principal shareholder of the Centaurs of Maracaibo and ally of Juan Antonio Ya ez (Yanecito) with the Patriots of Venezuela Machado motivated a group of businessmen athletes the region to acquire the franchise of Acarigua Llaneros, after expiration of the 1968-1969 season was put up for sale by its owner, Dr.Jesus Morales Valarino, after enduring heavy losses. After receiving the approval of the Central League President, Franklin White, and the Lions team representatives in Caracas, Navegantes del Magallanes, Tigres de Aragua Cardenales de Lara, Tiburones de La Guaira, we proceeded to the acquisition formal, always with Luis Rodolfo Machado Bohorquez the front and an amount of 400,000 thousand Bolivars. The big news was held in Zulia professional baseball back to where they should never go together with Luis Rodolfo Machado counted Bohorquez Jose Trinidad Martinez, Alberto Plumacher, Simon Bromberg, Gabriel Fernandez, Antonio Quintero Parra, Heberto Rutilio Rios Hugo Suarez Romero, Vinicio Gil Pineda, Ruben Dario Barboza, Guillermo Echeto La Roche, Fernando Pere Amado, Lucas Rinc n Colmenares, OECS Edgardo Fuenmayor Arrieta, Douglas Mav rez Granadillo, Sixto Marquez and Ernesto Montiel, pioneering the emergence couple Aguilas del Zulia team.That first cast began harmless and without native figures, taking huge losses to shareholders, however, wishes Bohorquez Luis Rodolfo Machado and Lucas Rincon, kept alive the club and the Aguilas del Zulia today, are one of the strongest casts in winter ball, with five national crowns and two Caribbean Series, which have made the hobby Zulia, one of the most proud and happy in recent years.